The do’s & don’ts: Family/Couple Pictures

(even if you are taking them yourself)

Disclosure: The below is my own fashion & photography opinions based on my personal experience. If your heart leads you in a different direction, don’t take this as a reason to change it! These are simply my thoughts to share and help give those guidance that are looking for some!

Do: Pick a bright area if inside, a shaded area if outside (unless you are super talented and can get that sunlight in morning or evening at just the right time!)

Don’t: Try to over-coordinate the outfits. Less is more, simple allows the picture to capture you and your loved ones, instead of getting caught up in what you are wearing.

Do: Pick 3-5 complimentary colors (you can check Pinterest for these, but I usually just base it around 1-2 of my favorite or most flattering colors and pick the rest from there)

Don’t: Overanalyze if they match or not. Trying too hard to match, often ends in the items clashing and that is much worse.

Do: Make sure there is ample lighting & use the filter apps to help!! VSCO has plenty of free filters you can use for free!

Don’t: Try to do exact Pinterest poses. Your family is different. Instead find a few you like, try to emulate them, but remember the most important part is that everyone has their own “space” and you don’t have “floating heads” or someone that is overtaking the entire pic.

Do: Remember angling (not standing straight on with the camera) and proximity to each other (closeness) are both very flattering & often overlooked dimensions!!

Don’t: Be afraid to try these out on your own! A tripod with a Bluetooth clicker for your phone camera are as low as $20 online!

Do: Look at each other and laugh. Yep, it’s going to feel awkward & staged, but can look so natural & fun.  If even one turns out, it’s well worth it.

Don’t: Stand right in front of that Christmas tree! It blocks the beautiful thing and just makes one or more of you look like you’ve got something sprouting from your head. Stand to the side of the tree or sit in front of it instead, or nix it all together and stand by another favorite Christmas layout. 

DoHave fun with it!!! The “surprise” photos are often the best ones! Send me a message if you need any help!

Xoxo 💋 Tara

Owner @socialhourstyle