Floral prints have been back in full force for what? 4 plus years now? And it’s not leaving, just changing a bit. We were used to the “boom, flowers” prints and now the trend is transitioning into a more abstract, nonchalant feel.

My @socialhourstyle Instagram & Facebook poll results agreed with a whopping 93% responding with their love for floral prints. And that just means we will get to enjoy this fabulous comeback trend for a bit longer!

The floral details on these dresses accent femininity and make a statement perfect for any wedding or formal night out.

Taking the front stage for florals is mixing prints. Some with stripes and florals, some making florals the fun accent on the top.

To see more, head to socialhourstyle.com and type “floral” into the search bar. 

No matter how you wear your florals, pick the colors and styles you love, because I’m telling you, when it comes to floral, it’s still in the top trends for 2019!

 Be beautifully you. 💕

 XOXO ~ Tara