Let me guess. You don’t have time.

Especially to worry about something as frivolous as what you’re wearing. Well, I hear you and completely agree.

I was in the exact same boat, so I just wore whatever I could find laying around and the same things over and over again. Raising three kids, having a hubby that’s not home a lot, and having a full time management job, I didn’t have time to care.

And then there were the body insecurities. I told myself I would care more when I lost those 10 pesky pounds, or gain some more muscle in my arms, or when the kids got older, or life slowed down, etc etc....

I really wanted to be able to look good and feel good, I just didn’t want to put the effort into doing so. However, starting Social Hour Style allowed me to step outside my box, and my “style rut” and get to wear items that really fit me and my personality.

And I LOVED it. It enhanced my mood, my productivity, everything. It was also SO liberating to finally be able to express myself through my style.

A few years into founding Social Hour Style, I became acutely aware that so many of you feel the same as I had. Too many “more important” things demanding our attention to worry about what we look like.

But what if someone took the work out of it? What if someone told you, based on answering a few simple questions, what style “fits you best”? And then, gave you tailored shopping options to match that style?! Say What?!

That’s exactly why the FREE, TWO MINUTE style quiz at socialhourstyle.com was created. All you have to do is answer a few easy questions and you will get your style personality results AND styles selected that fit into your unique style to shop from. It’s so easy and effortless that you can become confident in the styles you choose fitting your own beautiful style.

Choose to become #BeautifullyConfident with Social Hour Style — I promise you won’t regret it!

Find the quiz under the “start here” link in the main menu. www.socialhourstyle.com

XOXO ~ Tara