Of course it’s about fashion, it’s always about fashion, but it’s oh so much more than that.


Before creating Social Hour Style, I did what so many others do and hid behind the “trends”. I did everything I could just to blend in. I followed what everyone else was doing, not just in my wardrobe, but in my entire life. I got the job I was “supposed” to get, I got married and had kids, like I was “supposed” to do. I worked and worked to make a life that at the end of the day, wasn’t based on what I really wanted.


Now don’t be too quick to judge, my kids are my world, and I couldn’t do it all without the support of my husband. But somewhere in the mix of “making it”, I realized I wasn’t on the path that would make me the best version of myself. And let me tell you mamas (or non-mamas), you are just as important as your million other priorities in life. Because let’s be real, if mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy. 😉


It wasn’t until I had an opportunity to create something that was all my own, that I was able to break free from others expectations of me. I gained confidence through my own unique style, and not only in clothes, but in raising my kids, running my own life, and saying a long overdue goodbye to living on other people’s opinions of me.


In no way am I saying this was easy, or that it will be easy for you, but believe me when I tell you it is WORTH it, YOU ARE WORTH IT.


And NOW- I get to wake up everyday and help other women of any size create their own style and find their confidence to conquer their own dreams. And that’s where my ultimate passion lies — helping others rock the best version of themselves through their own confident, beautiful style. 

XOXO ~ Tara