If you guys have followed my blogs and Facebook group, you know I’m ALL about making the most out of your wardrobe! I know there are ladies out there (my mom included😉) that put all of those last season items in a box and lock them up for a year.

But WHY?!! You can keep them going for as long as the weather will allow, and bring them back before you know it! It’s a great way to get great use out of each item AND never look like your always wearing the same thing!

So here’s 5 easy tips on how to bring those winter items into spring with you::

  1. Vests — especially in the Midwest we know we can wear these for far longer than we would like to admit. And here’s how you can transition them into a spring look: 
  2. Black Pants — ladies, ladies, ladies!!! Black pants are NOT just for fall and winter anymore!!! Lighten them up with the weather by adding your favorite bright colors, tank, or cardigan! 
  3. Boots — I know you are ready to throw those in the back of the closet as soon as possible, but what’s the rush when you can add them to your favorite dresses/rompers and keep them out all year long!! 
  4. Dark jeans/colors — Make them POP into Spring by adding bright colors to them! It helps the dark colors look even better!
  5. Cardigans — it’s the same gist as the boots here ladies. Pair them up with your fun spring/summer dresses, rompers, or an adorable top and shorts! The possibility for cardigans ALL year long are ENDLESS!!

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XOXO ~ Tara