A hot trend in 2019 is back to denim, the real question is, when did it ever leave?! 


Denim is a perfect way to maximize your wardrobe, as it can be worn in SO MANY different ways! Social Hour Style has a wide variety of denim including jeans, jackets, and tops. ALL under $55!!! Who says you need Amazon to get a good deal?!


So here’s the skinny on denim. It’s very important to wear a flattering fit, especially in jeans. Our Kan Can Collection is a top selling high waisted jean that is fabulous for us moms to suck in that not-so-six-pack tummy. They are also great for those that still have that skinny bod to show off the button detail with a trendy crop top. 


The high rise denim creates a slimming waist to enjoy all the hottest trends from the shorter waist-length tops to front tucks with the trending oversized top. When it comes to style of jean, anything goes! From the timeless skinny jean to the flare and boot cut styles that create an elongated, slender look — these styles will take you through all seasons looking and feeling your absolute best. 


Dressing up or down with denim is SO easy! Just switch up the top & shoes for any look from super casual to dressy! Check out our new 2019 Denim Collection for some fab denim options! 


The fit is fabulous for different heights, all noted in our product descriptions. Sizes 1-22 (3X) are available. Additional questions can be sent to me at @socialhourstyle on Instagram or Facebook! 


Find our 2019 Denim Collection on our main menu @ socialhour16.com